Introducing Cel-Fi

The latest smart signal boosters, solving mobile coverage problems

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Smart Mobile Coverage

The most advanced technology for boosting mobile coverage

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Introducing Cel-Fi SOLO

Home and small office coverage.

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Introducing Cel-Fi Go

Smart signal boosters on the move, or stationary.


Introducing Cel-Fi Quatra

Enterprise grade smart signal boosters: coming soon.


The most advanced technology for improving mobile coverage

The Cel-Fi product line is the best range of solutions available on the market for addressing the universal challenge of poor mobile coverage in the office, at home, or on the road. Unconditionally network safe. Exceptional coverage footprint. Operator approved for 3G/4G for voice and data. Cel-Fi solves the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data throughput caused by a weak mobile signal indoors. The Cel-Fi Smart Cellular Solutions optimise mobile coverage. Cel-Fi has proven solutions that boost voice quality and data speeds in spaces up to 200,000 ft2, and are ideal for enterprise environments, small businesses, multi-story homes, vehicles, and boats. Cel-Fi is unconditionally network safe because it’s built on technology that prevents interference with mobile operator networks.

From in-vehicle solutions via the Go-M to full enterprise solutions with the Quatra, there is a Cel-Fi solution for all coverage needs. Mobile coverage problems need NET Coverage Solutions.

Introducing Cel-Fi SOLO

The Cel-Fi Solo is the first model in our range, designed for home, small office or retail spaces. This video demonstrates the principle of repeaters.  Take a low power signal from inside or even outside your building, and amplify it to where you need it. With a Cel-Fi signal booster you will be able to improve your mobile connection and boost your data speed, giving you peace of mind. No more dropped calls in your home or office!

Cel-Fi Range Features


Cel-Fi Range Features
  • Signal

    Cel-Fi solutions improve 3G and 4G mobile service by eliminating dead zones and dropped calls.

  • Coverage

    Cel-Fi units cover up to 1,200 m2. (approximately 13,000 sq. ft) of indoor space per system – and are scalable up to 20,000m2 (200,000 sq.ft).

  • Battery

    With 100dB of gain when stationary (and 70dB when mobile), Cel-Fi will reduce your mobile phone’s power requirements and extend its battery life.

  • Interface

    Some Cel-Fi systems feature an LCD colour interface, some simple LED indicators and all are fully self-contained and self-configuring.  Simply plug it in to boost indoor mobile coverage.  The Wave app allows simple registration and tuning for users.

NET Coverage Solutions is the ONLY Vodafone UK approved reseller of Cel-Fi products.

What's the best solution for me?

  • Poor signal around your building.

    If you have at least one bar of mobile signal somewhere in your building, then the Cel-Fi Solo can enhance and extend this into 4 or 5 bars across to the areas where you currently don’t have signal.  Simply plug and play, register the device, and you are away.

  • Cel Fi Solo - Smart Cellular Coverage Solution

    The Cel Fi Solo is the 4th generation Smart Cellular Coverage Solutions for small business and residential areas. Designed to solve mobile coverage problems for voice and data.  With up to 100dB of gain, it is the most powerful carrier-grade solution available.  Configure with included donor and server antennas or expand options with outdoor or multiple server antennas. Designed to cover up to 1500 square metres of indoor space per system. 

  • Cel-Fi GO X (Stationary)

    For areas where the Solo is unsuitable, the new GO X provides rugged coverage solutions.  With IP 66 rating; damp, dusty spaces such as barns, car parks, warehouses etc no longer pose a problem.  Used in association with additional antenna infrastructure, the GO X provides up to 100dB of gain to enhance your 3G/4G coverage.

  • Cel-Fi GO M (Mobile)

    Having coverage problems on the move?  The new, 70dB gain GO M enables 3G and 4G enhancement in your car, boat, truck, caravan, campervan or lorry.  NET CS can supply a range of vehicle antennas for both internal and external use for land or water based vehicles.

  • If your best signal is outside, not inside, please contact NET CS for further advice.

    We can supply additional antennas that help capture the external signal.  We also offer a full installation service; but if you are capable you can self-install.

Need help with our products?

NET CS offers a full suite of coverage services and options, from “post in a box” to full consultancy, site survey and installation services.  Please contact us for further details.

Introducing Cel-Fi GO M/Mobile

The evolved signal booster that can amplify cellular signals up to 70dB.


NET CS offers a wide range of accessories to either compliment or enhance your choice of repeater.  From antennas (both internal and external) to mounting brackets, and CAT6a range extenders to cable accessories to enable deployment across larger areas.